Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Progression of a vinyl art toy

so here's some progression shots of my first painted art toy, the  Trikky by KidRobot
learned alot along the way and now i'm ready to try out the other do-it-yourself art toys :)

not sure where to begin...and trying to figure out color palette

details on the face, much easier with the arms off

it takes several layers of acrylic to make it a solid color

realized it's easier to work with everything in pieces, i'm finally getting the hang of this!

little details on the body. killed my eyes

ahhh, i'm in pieces...

the back looks boring, so decided to add something to it

details on the back

and finished with the back

working on the feet

All done!

she looks tough!

loosely inspired by this painting that i had done for a flyer

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