Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the crazy week of art shows!

I need to catch up on my blogging, alot has been going on. so here goes...

the week of november 1st-5th was quite a busy one. i felt like i was running around like a crazy person all week, but it was so much fun!  tuesday was the day of the dead celebration & art show at City Arts Gallery. besides the amazing artwork, there was face painting going on, a fire eater, a magician and some awesome dia de los muertos costumes. 

"Day of the Dead" acrylic on canvas 2010 (i might add more detail when i get this back from the gallery)

collage of some pics from the show
the next shows were on thursday (ArtHop).  at Gorgon Isle Gallery, i had a few pieces in the group show, "breaking traditions". there was a really great mix of art from artists who work with all types of mediums. 


that same night was ArtHop @ The Treasury with artists, Linda Lloyd Pits, Josh Freeman and myself.  the show was great fun, i worked on a painting while i was there and actually several people were using their creativity that night...drawing and painting, etc... it was good times!  ReHop was the next night at The Treasury and it was more live painting and fun! 

collage of arthop & rehop @ The Treasury

Also on Nov. 4th was ArtHop @ City Arts Gallery where I had the 2 paintings that i had at the day of the dead celebration show, i didn't make it over there for that ArtHop though! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*Halloween 2010*

this year, halloween was kicked off with an art show @ The Treasury Downtown gallery in Fresno.  Josh Freeman and I had our art on display last Thursday & Friday, it was good times!
Thank you to everyone who came by and make sure and stop by again this Thurday & Friday for ArtHop & Rehop featuring the art of Josh Freeman, Linda Loyd Pitts and myself!

photo collage from the halloween art show @ the treasury

so, i've realized that i like to paint and create art that is a little more on the dark side..and by like i mean love.  don't get me wrong, i still have a passion for the sweet and girly.  i think that my actual personality is stuck somewhere in between.  growing up, i enjoyed my frilly fluffy dresses, putting make up on my dolls and doing my mom's hair.  however i also loved to climb trees, play capture the flag and build forts. in high school i decided i hated pink, but it has become my 2nd favorite color (next to purple). now that i'm somewhat an adult, i've settled into my zombie & fairytale movies obsession.  a little bit spooky & a little bit sweet....yep...i'm happy with this...