Thursday, August 9, 2012

In celebration of our new members, we are doing a GIVEAWAY! This time there are three ways to enter, and each of these counts as one entry! 

Bad Apple Artist Collective
(Please read all of the rules, to ensure that your entries are counted!)

1. Share this photo on your personal facebook page (Make sure it is PUBLIC, or we won't know you shared it!)

2. Share it on twitter! Just copy and paste this text: " The @BadAppleArtists are having a giveaway! "

3. Reblog this post on tumblr:

Make sure you LIKE our page if you haven't already done so!

Finally, and this is important, post a comment on this photo if you share it to let us know, and include the direct links to the posts you have made on tumblr and twitter. (Please make sure the link goes directly to that post, not to your entire blog. We do not want to scroll through a whole blog looking for the post! Thank you!)

If you do not do comment, and provide links, we can not count your entry!

And of course, you must be a fan of the Bad Apple Artist Collective page!

Thanks, and good luck!

Contest ends on August 14th, at 12am Midnight (EST)