Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Elemental" progress pics of new painting

Here are some progress pictures of a painting that i completed last month. I titled it "Elemental", and it's acrylic on a 24x30 inch canvas.  The 4 elements are, air, fire, water.  I was inspired to do an updated version of an elemental painting after finding an old one that i had done proably 15 years ago. hope you enjoy!

close up

close-up of the sloth

the final product of weeks of painting. "Elemental" acrylic on canvas 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 Girls Opening Night

I have been neglecting my blog a tad, i'm sorry to whomever if anyone is out there that actually follows my entries. :-)  There has been so much going on though, i will do a little catch up now and then more to come the rest of this week.

The 100 girls opening night has come and gone!  It is sooo bittersweet, definately one of those nights that i wish i could press a do-over button for. It just went by so quickly and i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked.  Although there is still hope from my 5 year old photographer Maya, i have yet to see what is on her camera..there could be some gems from the little one's perspective. (i'm hoping!)

Posters of the 100 girls are now available in my Etsy store HERE . they look somewhat like this flyer above, except for i removed the words that are covering the girls and the bottom doesn't have the show's opening night info on it. they are about 11x15inches and only 5 bucks! If you are local you can still pick one up at the gallery. the show runs until the 25th of June, and the gallery is open M-Sat. 1-6pm.

the very creative girls at Gimme Some Shugah made these mini paintings to stick in the mini cupcakes!

♥ my sweets/pink corner ♥

*posing* with artist Rattananan at the show
For the up to date album of pictures from the show, please visit my facebook page HERE

If you are interested in purchasing one of the 100 girls paintings, i'm keeping an album up-to-date with what has sold so far here: Sold Paintings

I also want to express my extremely huge gratitude to a few people who have helped me with this project in some way, or helped made this show possible.  This show had been booked since 2009, these paintings took 365 days to complete. The framing and final preperations have been going on for the past 6 months, and it all came down to one opening night.  So anyway, thank you to...Deanna Bower, Lynn Markley, Patrick Van Zant, Shawn Sibley Athayasay, Diane L. Johnson-Mendes, Rattananan Karinsee...there is much much more who have done things to make this a great show and you know who you are and what you did! 

Also, HUGE thank you to all who attended the opening night or are still planning on going to see the show. I hope that you had a great time at the opening, enjoyed the art, the cupcakes, the wine and the company. ♥

Here's to the FUTURE!!