Wednesday, August 3, 2011

artsy update

 what a busy week!! i've been busily working on finishing up a new painting for Friday's group show at SOMOS in Salinas.  Finally finished that one on sunday.  This week i've been tackling the final touches on the painting that i did for Beautiology Beauty Salon.  it's the biggest painting i've ever done. I'm loving it, and i hope they love it too!!  Thursday 8.4.11 is arthop and i'll be at the salon (event page) for most of the night with a few of my paintings and merchandise.  make sure and stop by to see the new beautiology painting!!  i'll also have a couple of paintings at City Hall thanks to Ma Ly, who has a large exhibit there on ArtHop night.  Friday morning i head out to the coast for the Somos Alumni Group Art Show.  Should be tons of fun!
sneak peak at my new piece for the somos alumni group art show.

snapshot from july's arthop

some of my loot from july's by Jessica & Amber

at BeBeO's July 22nd for the art reception i had there.
 Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the art reception at BeBeO's!  It was a fun, chill evening and great to meet some of the folks that i've seen around facebook :-)

 Check out the full album of the photos that Maya took during the 100 Girls show which was on June 2nd, 2011. I think she did a nice job!!  view more pics here >>  A 5 year old's perspective of the 100 Girls Show
Below the cupcake by Maya