Saturday, July 28, 2012

Artsy Update

Definately time for an artsy's what's happening in my neck of the woods....

Make & Bake Indy Craft Fair at Somos in Salinas!  coming up September 7th, i'll have handmade stickers, new prints, postcards, notebooks, bags and hopefully handmade pendants with my art on them.  More info to come!

Going on right now, The Bad Apples have a new monthly theme up on our FB page.  you can like your fav and even bid on an original.  Take advantage of these themed events and get a great deal on an original from your fav Bad Apple :-)

"Jill the Plate Spinner" mixed media illustration 9x12 inches.  My piece for the circus themed event with the Bad Apples Artist Collective.
I've been making art envelopes to exchange with fellow artists.  It's so much fun!!  It's kind of distracting me from working on my large acrylic paintings for my upcoming shows

"Stellar" and "Atomic" will be on display for the first time in Fresno at Crazy Moon Studios, coming up next ArtHop, Aug 2nd!

"Abigail" 10x10" Acrylic on stretched canvas, for the Small Works show at Gallery 25 August 2nd.