Monday, May 21, 2012

Bad Apple Artist Collective

I was recently invited to join an amazing collective of female artists, called The Bad Apple Artist Collective.  We will frequently be participating in auctions held on and our next one is coming up May 29th at 10am.  It's easy to sign up on the site and you will be able to get really awesome deals on prints and originals from the Bad Apple artists.  Go HERE to R.S.V.P. for the auction.  I'll have a new original in it that I created for 31 Girls in 31 Days May Online Exhibition - Acid Theme.  

"Acid Bath" 14x11" acrylic on stretched canvas. Will be auctioned off on Tophatter May 29th in the Bad Apple Artist Collective auction.

More info on the upcoming auction
The Bad Apple Artists will also be holding a monthly themed auction on our Facebook Fan Page.  May's theme is Black Sheep.  You can view the album HERE.  This is my painting, which focuses on the idea of a girl who is not just another face in the crowd.  She is not afraid to be herself, and show her free spirit among the herd...

"Among the Herd" (c) stephanie allison 2012.  Mixed media on tea-stained paper

Sooo, please go and "like" the Bad Apple's Facebook page for updates and more info to come on this upcoming auction.  You can also like my painting, "Among the herd" and if I get the most likes I get to pick the theme for next months auction.

Collab piece with Tammy Mae Moon

I'm so happy to be done with the spring semester mostly because that means I can focus on my artwork again.  There is alot to catch up on, and I've got no time to waste!  During the next few weeks I'll be working on lots of new pieces, also studying for the CBEST test which I'm going to be taking on June 9th.  If I pass this test, I'll be able to start taking credential courses this fall.  If I don't I'll have to wait a whole additional semester.  So, I'm really going to have to study hard, especially the math part!

Here is one of the pieces that I had to put on hold.  It's the collab piece that Tammy Mae Moon started and shipped to me.  I'm finally going to complete my half!  Check out the progress pics thus far below...

The beginning of my half!  Finished the sketch now it's time to paint...

Filling in some of the skin tones

About to connect my half to Tammy's!

Blending together the two sides

It's coming together, still pretty rough but should be done by tomorrow...stay tuned!!