Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the year wrap up!!

Well, it's the end to another fabulous year and I'm ready to see what next year brings!!  My first show of 2012 is going to be at the new Lamp Post Bar in Fresno,

I will have 8 paintings on display there for ArtHop, January 5th.  Hope to see you out there!! 

Here is my final painting from class, it's an acrylic/mixed media portrait of the "american girl". 

"She was a Young American" 2011
This next painting was a commission, and I've heard that shereally loves it and was very surprised to received it on Christmas Eve. 
"Melina" 2011 acrylic on canvas
This was another commission that was a Christmas Gift
"dolphin" 2011 mixed media on tea-stained paper
And this last one was a commission that went along with 2 previously completed paintings. She now happily owns 3 of them and has them hung in her bathroom.  :-)
"miss beluga" 2011 mixed media on tea-stained paper
Thank you to everyone who commissioned me to create a painting this holiday season. stay tuned for a new series of paintings related to the astrological signs.  I'm going to have to do some research on this and then get started on this new series!!! I'll also have a few new valentine's themed paintings ♥

Saturday, December 3, 2011

where have i been!!

I feel so bad i have not updated my website in months!!! school is really keeping me busy this semester with 5 classes, and next semester i'll probably have 6.  this winter break i really hope to get a small series done. I'm toying with ideas at the moment, but also have a few commissions that need to get done!  Here are some pictures from my most recent event which was Arthop at Colligo Studios w/in Broadway Studios on 12.1.2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

upcoming shows

Next month is going to be really fun and busy for me in regards to shows.  First off I'll have 3 paintings at the Fresno Fair so make sure and stop by the fine art exhibition building and say hello to them.  Arthop will be on October 6th and I'll have artwork in 3 different locations...The Treasury is celebrating their 1 year anniversary which is soo awesome, i'm honored to be a part of that show.  I'll have one painting over there.  Also, the Pink Show will be celebrating it's 6th year at Chris Sorensen's Gallery and i'm currently working on a new painting for that show.  Lastly (for arthop) I'll be in a Halloween group art show at Colligo Studio which is within Broadway Studios.  I'll have a new painting for this show as well, plus a couple of oldies but goodies.  On October 8th i'll have a table at the 2nd annual Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at BeBeO's, i'll also hopefully be live painting there.  On October 15th I'll have a booth at the Get Pinked event at NoTown Tattoo..  On October 21st (friday) i'll most likely be in another halloween show at BeBeO's...the details on that one are not confirmed as of yet though!  So that's it in a nutshell....  hope to see you at 1 or more of these events next month!!  

Friday, September 2, 2011

artsy update

i'm here in Santa Cruz visitng my mom and family.  thought i'd post a little artsy update before i head off to an art show at the steinbeck center which is in honor of my great aunt, Auntie Arline.   We are very excited to be able to show her paintings at the national steinbeck center, it's going to be great fun..  

Also, i have a show going on tomorrow night in Culver City if you're in that area.  it's a fundraiser show for L.A.'s homeless.  Lunch Bunch was created by the wonderfully talented Ana Bagayan and i'm really excited and happy to be able to contribute to a great cause.  After the show ends, the paintings/prints will go on ebay for auction.  i will post more details later on...

This is the painting that will be auctioned off, 100% of the proceeds going to Lunch Bunch

Below is my newest completed painting, titled "blossom" acrylic on 18x24inch canvas.  This painting is soley for the Fresno Fair Blossom Trail Contest.  I'll be crossing my fingers to win this one.  The winner gets $700 and will be on the blossom trail poster for 2012.  I could really use tht money for school!!

"Blossom" 2011
Below is one of my newer paintings that i never posted, it was on display at Somos in Salinas last month...

"Metamorphosis" 2011
More soon!!  :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

artsy update

 what a busy week!! i've been busily working on finishing up a new painting for Friday's group show at SOMOS in Salinas.  Finally finished that one on sunday.  This week i've been tackling the final touches on the painting that i did for Beautiology Beauty Salon.  it's the biggest painting i've ever done. I'm loving it, and i hope they love it too!!  Thursday 8.4.11 is arthop and i'll be at the salon (event page) for most of the night with a few of my paintings and merchandise.  make sure and stop by to see the new beautiology painting!!  i'll also have a couple of paintings at City Hall thanks to Ma Ly, who has a large exhibit there on ArtHop night.  Friday morning i head out to the coast for the Somos Alumni Group Art Show.  Should be tons of fun!
sneak peak at my new piece for the somos alumni group art show.

snapshot from july's arthop

some of my loot from july's by Jessica & Amber

at BeBeO's July 22nd for the art reception i had there.
 Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the art reception at BeBeO's!  It was a fun, chill evening and great to meet some of the folks that i've seen around facebook :-)

 Check out the full album of the photos that Maya took during the 100 Girls show which was on June 2nd, 2011. I think she did a nice job!!  view more pics here >>  A 5 year old's perspective of the 100 Girls Show
Below the cupcake by Maya

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Francisco Trip

last weekend i went on a 3 day trip to San Francisco with my best friend Deanna. we had a glorious weekend! the weather was perfect, everything seemed to fall in place just like it should. the only thing that held us back was our shoes.  I'm just not used to walking for hours upon hours a day!!  The big city life is fun for a few days, however i'm not sure if i would like to live there.  I enjoy being alone, and i also enjoy silence.  My dream location would be a tropical beach, living in a cottage type house with lots of windows.  the inside would be very ecclecticly decorated with colorful furniture, comtemporary artwork and lots of sculptures of animals.  the walls would be soothing lavender, peach, and cream throughout the house.  there would be a rockslide swimming pool in the backyard complete with a rope swing. the frontyard would be a lush botanical garden.  my studio would be spacious with a shelving unit on one wall, art on the other walls, great lighting, and a long workdesk.  Someday i'll be on cribs...a girl can dream...

In the meantime here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend....

the view from the hotel room

 newest addition to my Dunny collection

beautiful jellies at the aquarium of the bay

Botanical Gardens

the coolest heart in san fran

outside the botanical gardens

penguins at the academy of sciences

soft velvety leaves

sunstars at the aquarium of the bay

so good jewelry store. had way to much fun in here

lunch at Calzone's in Little Italy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

artsy update & travels

once again, i've been neglecting my blog. but i have a few minutes, so i'm going to do a quick catch up!
since the 100 girls show ended, i've been working on one single painting only..which is really weird for me. ususally i have a bunch of things going on at once. this painting however is so huge that it really takes up too much space in my studio area to work on anything else.  SO at the moment i'm completely enveloped in this painting...
a beginning stage in-progress shot

still in-progress, but coming together now.
 there are soooooo many more details to add.  the background is acrylic, with silver paint in many areas, creating a shimmering almost metal effect.  The girls are going to be completed in oils to make them really pop and come alive.  i'm still decided on how to finish their hair. this painting is for a salon, so the hair has to look damn good as well as the nails!

i'm using up so much paint for this painting. squeeeeezing the last drop out of these tubes.
 My next show is going to be a one night artist reception at BeBeO's in the Towe District held on Friday July 22nd from 5-8pm. my friends Mary and Lupe Oftedal who own the boutique are being nice enough not only to have several of my paintings hung in their store but also hold a reception where you can come and view newer paintings for sale, merchandise and chat with me. Should be a fun evening!  I can't wait to go to San Fran the following day with my bestie Deanna as well, so it will be a great weekend up ahead.

the flyer for my next show.
 Also, recently did a trade with Miss Maryanne Oliver from Australia.  She sent me this beautiful painting a few weeks ago, and i am thrilled about it!! Can't wait to get her in a frame.  My studio is such a mess right now i can't even get to the wall to hang anything.  I have several original paintings from both local artists and artists from around the world that need to be hung!! 

by: maryanne oliver..just for me! ♥
 I've been enjoying the summer as much as i can, and so i've gone on a few weekend trips. Here are some of my favorite pics from a trip down to Valencia to go to Six Flags and also a trip over to visit my dad and Kayaking at Stillwater Cove by Pebble Beach...good times :-)

stillwater cove. i want to live right there at this coast. i only need a few hundred million bucks.

snapping pics while on the kayak

checking out the miniature world of animals that live in the kelp. very interesting little creatures.

just a perfectly beautiful day to be on the coast, or in the coast rather.

a little harbor seal...he was just checking me out :-)
 and now here's some pics from a trip down south to Valencia (just outside of L.A.) it was a beautiful day. but was a little hot at Six Flags.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites and it was sooo nice, but it seemed like everybody else had the same idea we did. (we used priceline) there was piles and piles of families there. the line for breakfast was insane.  but hey what can you do!  it was still fun to get away!

snapshot on the way, just before the grapevine.  looking pretty dry out here.

phew! just got to the park.  excited to get on some ride!

yummmy sandwhiches at Dink's New York Diner

on the way home. snapshot of a beautiful sunset. makes me at peace.
this weekend i'm really hoping to finish the painting i've been working on, and start on something new.  just a little over one month and i'll be going to school full time studying art at Fresno State.  I'm super excited about my may not be aware that i'm really quite interested in forensic/criminology type stuff.  at one point of my life i actually wanted to be a detective, but i realized quickly that probably wasn't for me.  however i'm still interested in why people commit crimes, especially when they are violent snap crimes. like when a husband catches his wife cheating and kills both his wife and the guy.  It fascinates me that "normal" people can snap and in a rage of passion do something so horrible.  so anyway, my classes are...Art (content & form), Art (intermediate painting), Art History (rennaisance *yay*), Criminology, and The Science & Art of Blood.   hehe :-) it will be fun, interesting and challenging!  wooh! 

until next time...