Wednesday, March 23, 2011

artsy update

a little late on my weekly artsy update...been battling the flu! been sick so much this year already, it's really setting me back on working on new paintings and such.  hopefully i can stay well for the next few months at least!!  here's what's been going on in my artsy world...
decided to do another self-portrait. mixed media on tea-stained paper
 "right brain left brain" 2011. this is for a challenge on in which i will explain more later on...
last weekend, took a day trip up to the Sonora mountains with my boyfriend. it was such a gorgeous drive and perfect day.  Had lunch at the Celtic Fest first, then decided to head over to the Mercer Caverns...
visited the Mercer Caverns in Murphys California.

going down...16 flights of stairs i believe it was.
 After visiting the caverns, i'm super inspired to do a painting related to caves and the interesting creatures that live in them. animals have wondered into the caves and evolved to the point where they don't need eyes any longer, plus their skin is practically not existant. they don't need a thick layer of skin to protect them from the sun, because there is no sunlight! It will of course have a girl in it, and i'll be painting it for my upcoming show KINDREDS, at Colligo Studios which is located inside Broadway Studios...Opening reception ArtHop May 5th!  I need to start working on the flyer for that show. here is the flyer for my June Show...
big show coming up in June! 2 person show..myself and Rattananan Karninsee
 working more at school on my lithography print...
this is the acid etch step. 
 yep thats right i'm painting sizzling acid mixed with a gum onto my limestone. i think  i just enjoy saying to my classmates...can you pass the acid please. thanks :)
1st color...galactic green :()
 next color will be black or a dark purple...but i have to etch away soooo much stuff  before i can do the second color print. gaaaaaaah. sort of over lithography! it's fun, but very time consuming. i'm not very patient when it comes to seeing the finished product of my artwork.
finished up painting my first art toy
...check out the progress pics here

after all of the natural disasters going on around the world, it makes me really sad but also makes me appreciate everyday i have on this earth.  i wanted to do something to help, even if its a small amount. so i put this painting up for auction on Facebook. Congrats to the winner, Syd Wasson of Salinas. The donations were then made to Red Cross and Save the Children. 
"Fly by Night" 16x20inches acrylic on canvas.
so that wraps it up for the weekly art update.  hoping to get some new paintings done this weekend....happy creating ♥

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