Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Kindreds" arthop reception 5.5.11

the reception for kindreds was alot of fun. it was great to see a bunch of classmates and friends plus meet some new faces.  i want to thank everybody who came by the show and big thanks to all who purchased an item, i thought for a second that i was going to sell out of my merchandise!!  Also a HUGE thank you to Ma Ly and May Lee Lee of Colligo-Studio for having me show with them. they really went above and beyond with the advertising of the show, and i really appreciate everything that they did for me!  Here are some photos of the night as well as some of the new pieces that i created for the show...
"Kindreds" art reception pics

before the crowd ate all the cupcakes and bought up all the buttons & stickers :)

Lorna, from Gimme Some Shugah...provided the red velvet cupcakes. (my favorite)

great photo by: Gimme Some Shugah

the outside wall of the studio. it was definately hard to get a shot of the crowd inside.

me with one of my favorite fresno artists, Ole Scovill who is sadly moving away! :(

with a couple of girls who bought some items from me ♥

my newest painting: "Elemental" 24x30in acrylic on canvas

mixed media 2011

mixed media 2011

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so now, it's time to focus all my energy on the next show...100 girls at Studio 74! i can't believe it's almost here. this show has been booked for almost 2 years. i really can't wait for the opening night!  I still need about 20 frames ranging from 5x7in-11x14in. if you have any extra ornate/vintage looking frames lying around your house that you would like to donate to me (that would be great!!) or sell to me for a reasonable price!  please email me: stephallisonart@hotmail.com