Monday, January 10, 2011

back 2 sKool

so it's back to school today already. those 3 weeks over christmas time and new years sure do fly by. there was so much that i wanted to get done but didn't get the chance. tonight i have a math class and tomorrow is the first day back to screenprinting class. very excited about that one...that math on the otherhand *yuck*

at least i got to have a fun weekend before class starts up again. went to visit my parents and some friends in my hometown of Salinas and Santa Cruz.  Friday night went to a Punk Rock themed art show at SOMOS. there was a band playing and artwork by the great, Jimbo Phillips...he's been creating artwork for 2 decades and has done everything from skateboard deck art to concert posters. i was too shy to introduce myself of course.  i didn't even get any pics from the show cause i didn't want to flash my camera in the eyes of the band.  Anyway, after purchasing a new addition to my Dunny collection...i was very happy to discover that it was one by Julie West (the FATALE series). 

Andrea and I with our new Dunny's ;-) grabbing a drink at Chapala's after the show at SOMOS

collectible mini dunny's (fatale series) by Julie West (left) and Amanda Visell (right)

I also got my hi-fructose collected edition vol-2 special edition book.  The quality of the book is stellar. the pages are thick and the colors rich and beautiful. my only complaint is that my Audrey Kawasaki print looks like it had been folded horizontally and now has a big nasty crease from top to bottom.  I'm debating whether to write the peeps at hi-fructose and let them know or not...i hate being a whiner...but that print is one of the reasons why i was so excited to get this book.

On another note...VERY happy to have discovered the work of a lady who is known as the mother of big eyed girls... Margaret Keane.

My print of a painting by: Margaret Keane circa 1964

I picked up this print at an antique flea market in downtown Santa Cruz over the weekend for $8. Now that i have done some research on her, i wish that i would have purchased more of them.  I mean...holy macaroni...this lady was soooooo ahead of the times and what an amazing life she has had.  her husband at the time was trying to take credit for all of the paintings that she had done.  can you believe that??!  she actually had to go to court and live paint in front of the judge to prove that she was the artist of all the paintings. when her (ex) husband was asked to create a painting he told the judge that he had injured his hand. What an A$$!  So needless to say she won the trial...i even saw that there was going to be a movie made about her career called Big Eyes and Kate Hudson was cast to play her.  I couldn't determine if this movie is just really hard to find or if it has not been made yet. 
 a big poster that was stuffed in the back of the booth at the flea market had caught my eye and i had to take a closer look. when i saw the date on it i was totally surprised!  I thought for sure that it was the work of a modern artist...
A flyer promoting one of Margaret's art shows
painting by: Margaret Keane

painting by: Margaret Keane
On sunday, went frame hunting with mom in santa cruz. we went all over the place!! i have a very specific idea of what i want the frames to be like. it's okay for them to be different, i like an eclectic feel, but they must be ornate and mostly silver. i'm allowing a few gold one's because i they're are some paintings that will be better complimented by the gold. The search for frames continues...dun dun dun!!

New Frames. 7 in all...yay!

 math class is in just a few hours...not looking forward to it...i'm already looking for excuses to ditch class on the first day...not a good sign. *sigh*


  1. I have never heard of Margaret Keane either until now. Amazing how modern her work looks. Was she very popular in the sixties. Fascinating!

  2. Wow, cool artist discovery!
    And lovely frames!

  3. i know! very exciting, i'm going to check if that guy is there next antique show and get more of them...
    thanks for looking girls ♥