Tuesday, January 4, 2011


if you were wondering what this symbol means and why i use it alot in my art, here is the explanation you've been waiting for! (like you've really been dying to know :P ) it's an abstract version of an atom. the circles and dots floating around it are little particles waiting to be formed into an atom. my second love next to art is biology, and even though it's a much much more difficult subject for me in college, it's absolutely fascinating to learn the how's and why's about earth and it's inhabitants. I am a big believer in evolution and more of a mother nature worshiper rather than religious person.  most of the female subjects in my paintings come from the idea of a mother nature type figure, and i've been drawing her since i was a kid...i should post one of those from back in the day...

a few samples of the atom symbol in my paintings

If you'd like to read a little bit about the Atomic Theory, i added an excerpt from an article on How Atoms Work...

Article: How Atoms Work

*The idea of the atom was first devised by Democritus in 530 B.C. In 1808, an English school teacher and scientist named John Dalton proposed the modern atomic theory. Modern atomic theory simply states the following: *
  • Every element is made of atoms
  • All atoms of any element are the same 
  • Atoms of different elements are different (size, properties)
  • Atoms of different elements can combine to form compounds
  • In chemical reactions, atoms are not made, destroyed, or changed
  • In any compound, the numbers and kinds of atoms remain the same
Can We See Atoms?
Atoms are so small that we cannot see them with our eyes (i.e., microscopic). To give you a feel for some sizes, these are approximate diameters of various atoms and particles:
  • atom = 1 x 10-10 meters
  • nucleus = 1 x 10-15 to 1 x 10 -14 meters
  • neutron or proton = 1 x 10-15 meters
  • electron - not known exactly, but thought to be on the order of 1 x 10-18 meters
Article: How Atoms Work

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