Thursday, December 9, 2010

My latest acrylic painting

"Kindred" acrylic on canvas 12.2.2010
I realize that I take more time on my acrylic paintings.  I like the larger scale also because i can put more detail into it.  I worked on this painting off and on for about a month but started drawing it months and months ago.  I was unsure what to do with it after drawing most of the girl. but i did know that I wanted her to be sitting on a rock :o)

As I started to fill in the painting with color at The Treasury's Nov. hit me which direction to take the painting in.  I decided that she and the owl would be kindred spirits to one another. So, the title became "Kindred".  I sometimes wonder if each person has a connection to a type of animal.  I used to think that my 5th grade math teacher was a mole in another life, but this was just because she resembled one.  (she was not a very nice lady).  I wanted to keep the color palette fairly simple in this painting, and I turned to ruby red, golden yellow, greys, blacks and silvers.  I really like how it came out, and i need to remember to let myself be free when free as a bird...

Working on the painting at The Treasury

Working on the painting at The Treasury (ArtHop)
And now back to 100 girls in 2010.  Just a little over 20 days to complete about 27 paintings of girls. yes the number scares me...but it's just a number and I know i can do it.  SOMEHOW! Thank you so much to all who have been following my progress throughout the year.  Your support is what keeps me motiviated to complete this, and I really look forward to showing them at Art Hop @ Studio 74 June 2011! 

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