Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ACEO Originals

As the end of the year and the end of the 100 girls in 2010 project approaches i feel many things.  I'm overwhelmed with happiness, anxiety, and determination.  There is just over a week to finish the remaining 15, and at this point the thought keeps popping in my mind...can i really do it?? I definately do not want to half-ass the remaining pieces. The whole point of this project was to improve my abilities throughout the year and develop a style which is recognizable as my own.  I feel like I have accomplished these things but half-assing the rest of the girls would mean that I didn't learn anything right?  In an effort to maintain my sanity  as well as provide several paintings which could be extremely affordable to those who will be attending my 100 girls in 2010 artshow at Studio 74 next June 2011,  I created these 2.5x3.5 (ACEO size) girls.

first sketching, then line work on tea-stained paper
 I love all of them and loved working on them also. Each one is very detailed for being so small, and I think they will be a great item at the show and will probably be around $35 each.  The ideas for all 10 of these came fairly easily to me, and I was able to finish them all in a few days.  I (kind of) wish that I could make the rest of the 15 be this size as well, because that way I know for sure that I could finish the project before my deadline, but that would also be cheating.

The 10 ACEO's
 Above are all 10 of them, and now I need to find some really cute frames that will complement each one. 
The search is on! 
watercolor, ink pen and acrylic on tea-stained paper

watercolor, ink pen and acrylic on tea-stained paper

watercolor, ink pen and acrylic on tea-stained paper
Soooo it's onwards and upwards now...heading to the finish line.  It's so close I can taste it...

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