Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Francisco Trip

last weekend i went on a 3 day trip to San Francisco with my best friend Deanna. we had a glorious weekend! the weather was perfect, everything seemed to fall in place just like it should. the only thing that held us back was our shoes.  I'm just not used to walking for hours upon hours a day!!  The big city life is fun for a few days, however i'm not sure if i would like to live there.  I enjoy being alone, and i also enjoy silence.  My dream location would be a tropical beach, living in a cottage type house with lots of windows.  the inside would be very ecclecticly decorated with colorful furniture, comtemporary artwork and lots of sculptures of animals.  the walls would be soothing lavender, peach, and cream throughout the house.  there would be a rockslide swimming pool in the backyard complete with a rope swing. the frontyard would be a lush botanical garden.  my studio would be spacious with a shelving unit on one wall, art on the other walls, great lighting, and a long workdesk.  Someday i'll be on cribs...a girl can dream...

In the meantime here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend....

the view from the hotel room

 newest addition to my Dunny collection

beautiful jellies at the aquarium of the bay

Botanical Gardens

the coolest heart in san fran

outside the botanical gardens

penguins at the academy of sciences

soft velvety leaves

sunstars at the aquarium of the bay

so good jewelry store. had way to much fun in here

lunch at Calzone's in Little Italy

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