Tuesday, April 12, 2011

artsy update

I absolutely love SPRING! I love watching the blossoms come but i'm sad to see them go so soon.  In Fresno, spring doesn't really last more than a few weeks, the heat is already slowly starting to take over. I dread the 100 degree nights and will be dreaming for a rainy spring day in no time. But alas, i will enjoy the beautiful weather while i still can, and become inspired by it also!  My most recent painting was completely inspired by the Helleborus Rose also known as Lenten Rose, hence her name "Lentenia"...

my newest painting: mixed media "Lentenia" for Miss Maryanne Oliver of Australia.

the roses which inspired the painting. I believe these are all hybrids...
Last weekend I spent some time with my family on the coast, it was a nice little get-a-way.  Went for a morning walk with mom and took some snapshots of the Santa Cruz beach, along seabright area.  you can see the remants of the mess that the tsunami left on the beach.  I really just can not imagine the complete devistation that Japan is having to go through right now.  the tsunami that hit the west coast of california was only just 3ft. i believe? correct me if i'm wrong...

Santa Cruz, near the boardwalk

Santa Cruz, near the boardwalk

me and mom

i love lichen and mosses ♥

the base of a huge palm. beautiful colors

i'm fascinated by the colors of bark. weird? yes probably. hehe
I'm thinking that a trip up to Yosemite is needed. It should be gorgeous up there this time of year.  So right now what i'm busy working on are new pieces for my next show "Kindreds"  I'm working on like 4 or 5 right now.  I will also have several paintings that are animals, with NO girl in them...shocking i know...but i'm having fun with it, and really looking forward to the show!  happy creating :-)

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  1. Lentenia is an interesting name and I think it suits her:) Happy Spring and happy creating, Stephanie:)